Tulsa Airport Webcam

Tulsa International Airport (TUL) is a civil-military airport located five miles northeast of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two Civil Air Patrol aircraft, as well as the 138th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard are based out of this city-owned airport. The northwest side of TUL also features the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Tulsa International Airport serves as the global maintenance headquarters for American Airlines.



Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Tulsa International Airport:

    1. Various Boeing and Gulfstream are built at the facility on the east side of the airport; the IC Bus Corporation assembles school buses at a different part of the same facility.
    2. Famed aviator Charles Lindbergh landed at the Tulsa airport on September 30, 1927. At the time, it was known as McIntyre Field.
    3. TUL became an international airport on August 28, 1963.
    4. American Airlines uses facilities at the airport for maintenance of their airliners. These hangars were formerly used by the Air Force to manufacture, assemble and modify bombers during WWII.
    5. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum was established in 1998 and now includes a planetarium, added in 2006.
    6. TUL covers 4,360 acres and has three paved runways.
    7. HP Enterprise Services maintains facilities at Tulsa International; the building hosts some of Sabre’s datacenter servers.


Online Weather Center Webcam – TUL


This camera is placed to provide visuals of weather conditions over TUL. A taxiway is visible near the foreground, and two maintenance hangars can be seen in the background.

View Online Weather Center Webcam.


NewsOn6 Tulsa SkyCam

I can’t get this webcam to load, but it seems to be trying. Can’t say what it’s about though.

View NewsOn6 Tulsa SkyCam.


Weatherbug Cam – Oklahoma State University

This camera overlooks part of the Oklahoma State University campus. The Boone Pickens Stadium can be seen in the background.

View Weatherbug Cam – Oklahoma State University.


CazCam – Caz’s Pub, Tulsa

This webcam is trained on the bar of Caz’s Pub, an eclectic bar near the airport.

View CazCam – Caz’s Pub, Tulsa.


NewsOn6 Tulsa Airport Cam

This camera updates every ten seconds and shows a view of the weather over the airport. The tower can be seen, as well as some departures and landings.

View NewsOn6 Tulsa Airport Cam.


NewsOn6 Tulsa Tower Cam

Another camera provided by Tulsa news station, News on 6. This camera shows downtown Tulsa and is updated every 10 seconds.

View NewsOn6 Tulsa Tower Cam.