Stuttgart Germany Webcam

Stuttgart Airport (STR) – or Flughafen Stuttgart in German – is the international airport of Stuttgart, Germany. The airport is about 8.1 miles south of Stuttgart, capital of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. STR was built in 1939 as a replacement for Boblingen Airport.

It was taken over by the United States Army in 1945, and later returned to German authorities in 1948. Like many airports after WWII, the runways were expanded to accommodate jet aircraft around this time. In 2004, the original terminal was finally replaced; there are currently four terminals at Stuttgart, able to handle approximately 12 million passengers annually.

Stuttgart Airport is the sixth-busiest airport in Germany, handling almost 10 million passengers in 2012.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Stuttgart Airport:

  1. STR is an important hub for Germanwings. The airline runs flights to several European cities and leisure destinations, and long-haul services to Atlanta and Abu Dhabi.
  2. The ninth-largest exhibition center in Germany – Suttgart Trade Fair – moved to grounds directly adjacent to the airport in 2007.
  3. The global headquarters for APCOA Parking is located at Stuttgart Airport.
  4. The airport features four passenger terminals, each of which shares a common airside area with 8 jet bridges and about 25 bus-boarding stands.
  5. Stuttgart Airport has a single runway which was extended to 3,345 meters in 1996. Politicians and planners have been debating the construction of a second runway for years, with the most recent turn being Minister-President Oettinger’s 2008 announcement that no second runway would be built for 8-12 years.
  6. EasyJet announced that they will be serving Stuttgart as their seventh German destination beginning in 2015.
  7. In 2014, United Airlines canceled their route from Newark to Stuttgart due to lack of demand. Delta Airlines provides the one remaining long-haul route to Atlanta from Stuttgart.
  8. Stuttgart handled almost the same number of aircraft movements in 2014 (122,818) as it did in 1999 (119,904). This shows a marked decrease in traffic versus the growth experienced by the airport in the early 2000s.


Official Stuttgart Airport Cams

Select from eight webcams located throughout the airport. These show views ranging from the airside gates and taxiways to new office building construction in the business park.

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Stuttgart City Hall Cam

This cam is mounted atop Stuttgart City Hall and shows a view of the Stuttgarter Marketplace. The open plaza is often the site of live performances and other events.

View Stuttgart City Hall Cam.


Panoramic View of Stuttgart

This widescreen panorama showcases the skyline of the city.

View Panoramic View of Stuttgart.


Calwer Passage Cam

View this part of Calwer Street, built by architects Kammerer + Belz and Partners in 1978. The building is made from pristine glass and marble and houses exclusive restaurants and shops.

View Calwer Passage Cam.


Webcam – Palace of the Republic

A wide-angle, panning view of the beer garden at the Palace of the Republic in Stuttgart.

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