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Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is the main gateway to the State of Hawaii and principle airport of the City & County of Honolulu. HNL is now one of the busiest airports in the United States with passenger traffic exceeding over 21 million per year and climbing steadily.

The airport is located three miles northwest of Oahu’s central business district within the Honolulu census-designated place. The airport opened in 1927 with the name John Rodgers Airport (in honor of WWI naval officer John Rodgers.) After the attack on Pearl Harbor, civilian flights were grounded and the military took over the airport renaming it Naval Air Station Honolulu. The airport was returned to the Territory of Hawaii in 1946. At the time, it was one of the largest airports in the United States at 4,019 acres.

Honolulu International is the central hub of Hawaiian Airlines, the largest airline based out of Hawaii, serving the continental United States, Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Tahiti, Japan, and South Korea.  HNL is also the base for Aloha Air Cargo (formerly Aloha Airlines, but no longer serving passenger traffic.)


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Honolulu International Airport:

  1. Shortly after returning the airport to civilian use, it was renamed Honolulu Airport in 1947. “International” was added to the name in 1951.
  2. By 2012, Hawaiian Airlines was re-establishing HNL as a connecting hub between the United States mainland and the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. In 2011, Hawaiian Airlines also funded the renovation of the Interisland Terminal’s check-in lobby. This was not part of the airport’s ambitious renovation project unveiled in 2006 by Governor Linda Lingle.
  4. Lingle’s modernization program totaled in at $2.3 billion, with upgrades and expansions to be made to several Hawaii airports over a 12-year period. Of that budget, Honolulu International was slated to receive $1.7 billion.
  5. Future projects under that initiative include construction of a Mauka Concourse addition to the Interisland Terminal. This will be the airport’s first concourse expansion in over 15 years.
  6. HNL operates four major runways in conjunction with the adjacent Hickam Air Force Base. Runway 8R/26L (also known as the Reef Runway) was the world’s first major runway to be constructed entirely offshore.
  7. In addition to the four paved runways, HNL operates two designated offshore runways for use by seaplanes.
  8. Honolulu International has three terminal buildings. A fleet of buses known as “Wiki Wiki” buses (from the Hawaiian word for “quick”) ferry passengers between the terminals and concourses. These buses are the namesake for WikiWikiWeb, the world’s first wiki.


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