Germany Airport Webcam

Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) is located in Cologne, Germany within the Wahner Heide nature reserve. This central location places it 9.2 miles southeast of the Cologne city center, and 9.9 miles northeast of Bonn, the former capital of Germany. Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, and its namesake airport is one of the few in the nation that operate 24 hours a day. Cologne Bonn Airport serves as a hub for Germanwings, FedEx Express, and UPS Airlines.

CGN handles over 10 million passengers each year and it is the seventh-largest passenger airport in Germany. In terms of cargo operations, Cologne Bonn is the second-largest in the nation. The airport features 115 passenger destinations in 35 countries as of March 2015.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Cologne Bonn Airport:

  1. Cologne Bonn is christened after Konrad Adenauer, the first post-war Chancellor of Germany.
  2. CGN is host to German and European space agencies DLR and EAC. Astronauts train at the airport to prepare for space exploration.
  3. Cologne Bonn was chosen as the United Parcel Service European hub in 1986.
  4. The Canadian Forces use CGN as a staging area for moving troops in supplies in humanitarian missions and possible counter-terrorism operations.
  5. The airport began as the Wahner Heide military training area in 1913, and in 1939 an airfield was built for the German Luftwaffe.
  6. After WWII, the airport was taken over by the British military and expansion were made, including the construction of a 1,866 meter runway. The airport was opened for civilian traffic in 1951.
  7. As several low-cost airlines began opening in Germany in the early 2000s, CGN opened several new facilities with the goal of making competitive offers to the new services. Shortly thereafter, Germanwings and Tulfly began operating with Cologne Bonn as their hub.
  8. The first plane that took off from the airfield that is now CGN was an artillery spotter (1913.)


Official Airport Cams – Cologne Bonn

View several cameras from the airport’s official site. Views include the aprons of Terminals 1 and 2, the interior of Terminal 2, and the car park.

View Official Airport Cams – Cologne Bonn.


Wesseling Railway Station

This camera affords a view of Wesseling, Germany’s railway station, approximately 14 kilometers from the airport grounds.

View Wesseling Railway Station.


Brassert Bank Webcam – Bonn

This camera shows the Rhine as viewed from Bonn. You will commonly see charter boats and other waterborne traffic.

View Brassert Bank Webcam – Bonn.


Bergisch Gladbach Marketplace

This view of the marketplace provides a great sight day or night. Visible are Konrad Adenauer square and the town hall.

View Bergisch Gladbach Marketplace.