Zurich Switzerland Airport Webcam

Zurich Airport (ZRH) is the largest international airport in Switzerland and the primary hub of Swiss International Air Lines. Zurich Airport serves its namesake city, the largest in Switzerland, as well as most of the remaining country via numerous surface transport links. ZRH is located 8 miles north of central Zurich and is owned by Flughafen Zurich AG. Major shareholders include the canton of Zurich, as well as the city of Zurich.

The airport features three air-side piers, which are known as terminals and labeled Terminal A, Terminal B, or Terminal E, respectively.

Zurich Airport has received a number of awards across different categories, including Europe’s Leading Airport for Baggage Delivery and the Swiss Steel Construction Prize.



Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Zurich Airport:

  1. Zurich Airport has three runways: 16/34, 14/32, and 10/28.
  2. Runway 14 is typically used for landings only, with 16 and 28 dedicated to takeoffs.
  3. The new terminal opened in 1953 – six years after the airport began servicing commercial traffic – and was heralded by a three-day airshow.
  4. After noise from aircraft became an issue, new approach routes were instituted. Particular interest was paid to aircraft entering from German airspace.
  5. One of these provisions required that any aircraft on eastern approach after 10PM were required to land on runway 28, the only runway not equipped with an instrument landing system. One month after the agreement was put into action, an inbound passenger plane using the runway 28 approach crashed into a range of hills near Basserdorf and exploded. 24 of the people on board were killed.
  6. Zurich Airport handled approximately 25.5 million passengers in 2014.
  7. Most places in Switzerland are within two hours of the airport by rail, although many destinations require changing trains at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, Zurich’s main city-center station.
  8. From 2004 to 2014, Zurich Airport has been consistently awarded the World Travel Award with the title of #1 in Europe.

Zurich Webcam Livestream

Take control of this camera and you’ll be able to pan and zoom freely. The camera offers a wide range of runway views.

View Zurich Webcam Livestream.


Zurich Webcam – Dock B

Another controllable camera that allows you to change the view for a short amount of time. Pan and zoom around the Dock B terminal area or zoom in on the control tower.

View Zurich Webcam – Dock B.


Zurich Webcam – Dock E Panorama

This camera offers a panning view from the Dock E air-side pier. The apron and runways can be seen clearly from this vantage.

View Zurich Webcam – Dock E Panorama.


Live Stream Zurich – Prime Tower

Pan and zoom your way around Zurich from this high vantage point. Presets allow you to snap the view to the stadium, Zurichberg, and other landmarks.

View Live Stream Zurich – Prime Tower webcam.



A sweeping view of the verdant hills surrounding the four-star hotel & restaurant UTO KULM in Zurich.

View UTO KULM Webcam.


Weather Station Bassersdorf

This camera is located in the western part of the village of Bassersdorf.  The image is updated every minute and shows the view to the west. Wind and weather conditions are included in the live feed.

View Weather Station Bassersdorf webcam.


Romantik Seehotel Sonne on Lake Zurich

A view from a historic hotel on the shores of Lake Zurich. Located about ten minutes from Zurich proper.

View Romantik Seehotel Sonne on Lake Zurich webcam.


Zurich Tourism Cam – Stadthaus

Sweeping view of the Zurich city center that includes landmarks such as The “Grossmunster” church and Uetliberg Mountain.

View Zurich Tourism Cam – Stadthaus webcam.