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Originally known as the Idlewild Airport from the time of its opening in 1948, it was given a name change in 1963 following Kennedy’s assassination. 15 miles from midtown Manhattan, on the Jamaica Bay just southeast of Queens County, one can find the JFK International Airport.

The airport receives a lot of traffic, particularly in the last year that figures were reported, 2005, when over 40 million fliers were taken through JFK International Airport. The pilots hired are skilled in their careers, more than capable of taking on a difficult precision landing.

Did You Know: Interesting Facts about the JFK Airport

  1. The JFK International Airport is owned, and operated by, the Port Authority of New York City, and New Jersey. They currently lease the airport from the New York City, and have since June of 1947. Due to their agreement, the airport will be operating until 2050, when they may or may not continue the agreement.
  2. In order to construct the airport, Port Authority spent $150 million in the beginning. So far, they have invested $7 billion into the company.
  3. This airport is large, covering 4,930 square feet of land. The central terminal area alone is 880 acres across, while the roadway spans 30 miles.
  4. In contribution to the economy, JFK opened 256,000 jobs and hired 37,000 people. They contribute $37.3 billion to the New York and New Jersey metro regions, and $13.4 billion in salaries and paychecks to their employees.
  5. The airport has roughly 4 million square feet in their cargo warehouse and office. The air cargo area, designated as a foreign trade zone, serves direct all-cargo aircrafts and passenger aircraft flights around the world.
  6. The JFK air traffic control tower is 321 feet tall. It opened in 1994, and operates for communications, as well as wind-shear alert systems and radar systems.
  7. With 6 airline terminals, and a dual ring of taxiways, the JFK airport has over 125 aircraft gates. The central terminal area gives their customers warmth and air conditioning.

JFK Harbor Cam

The harbor cam features traffic updates along with cruise information to find the latest cruise ships. The camera delivers a beautiful panoramic view of the harbor, with the full New York City skyline just behind it. View the camera here.

JFK Bridge Cam

The New York Bridge can be seen through this construction camera. With the camera, you can zoom in on the images, move the camera around to see different angles and choose what you see by the calendar. The camera updates frequently, about every 15 minutes, and is located at the Marina. View the camera here.

JFK Newark Cam

Located in Newark, at the NY Bridge, this camera delivers current reports on a variety of conditions, such as the air pollution percentage, wind speed, temperature and precipitation. You can view the New York Bridge, as well as the skyline, in full HD beauty here.

JFK Statue of Liberty Cam

Hidden in the torch of the Statue of Liberty, a section where no soul has been permitted since 1916, this camera delivers an amazing perspective that cannot be captured any other way. From this camera, you can see a close up of the statue’s crown, tablet, face and torch in a widescreen panoramic image. The camera streams live. Come watch here.

JFK Orion Cam

As of 2007, this camera has been actively recording events around and near the Orion building. One can see a plethora of important buildings, including the Empire State Building right in the center. The New York Times Tower is on the left, with the Metro Tower and Nelson Tower to the right. You can view the camera here. You can also view similar webcams, such as the one pointing South toward Manhattan and the one going East towards Midtown.

JFK World Trade Cam

Looking at the World Trade Center, this camera has given us a chance to watch the construction of the World Trade Center live. You can view the 9/11 Memorial and Museum that is housed in lower Manhattan. The camera is located at the Millennium Hilton Hotel and Liberty State Park in New Jersey. View the camera here.

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