Halifax Airport Webcam

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) is located in Enfield, Nova Scotia within the nation of Canada. This international airport services Halifax, mainland Nova Scotia, and adjacent areas within the surrounding provinces. YHZ was named in honor of Robert Stanfield, the 17th Premier of Nova Scotia.

The airport is operated by Transport Canada and forms part of the National Airports System. Halifax Stanfield is the 8th-busiest airport in Canada based on passenger traffic, and is a hub for Air Canada Express, Cougar Helicopters, Maritime Air Charter, and others.

YHZ handled a total of 3,663,039 passengers in 2014 and over 83,000 aircraft movements in 2013.



Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Halifax Stanfield International Airport:

  1. Halifax Stanfield International is home of the headquarters of Chorus Aviation and CanJet.
  2. In 1931, the City of Halifax built the Halifax Civic Airport in West End, Halifax. This airfield operated as the city’s main airport until 1942 when it was converted to an Army base.
  3. RCAF Station Shearwater served as Halifax’s primary airport until 1960 when YHZ officially opened.
  4. A major concern when selecting a site for the current airport was fog, which is a major year-round concern in Nova Scotia. The Kelly Lake site was determined suitable and officially selected in 1954.
  5. An urban legend says that the tree-cutting required to build the airport altered the fog patterns in the area. This myth likely rose from the localized fog that often occurs on Highway 102 near the airport.
  6. Halifax Stanfield International was Canada’s largest participant in Operation Yellow Ribbon. After the September 11 Attacks, YHZ took in 40 flights carrying over 7,000 passengers. This was partially due to the fact that flights inbound from Europe were told to avoid major airports in Central Canada.
  7. Halifax Stanfield has earned numerous awards for customer satisfaction and service quality, including earning Best Airport in the World (under 5 million annual passengers) seven years in a row.
  8. The airport proper is located adjacent to the Aerotech Business Park. Although this park originally catered to aviation companies, it has since been rezoned to accommodate other industries and businesses.


Halifax Stanfield International Airside Cam

This camera shows a view of several boarding ramps, as well as a clear view of the weather conditions over the airport.

View Halifax Stanfield International Airside Cam.


Nova Scotia – Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

A southwest view of Nova Scotia’s well-known lighthouse. The original lighthouse was built in 1868.

View Nova Scotia – Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse.


Halifax Waterfront Cam

This south-facing camera shows the ocean terminal, Pier 21, Boardwalk with Cable Wharf, and Casino Nova Scotia.

View Halifax Waterfront Cam.


Kelly Lake Highway Cam

Provided by the provincial government, this camera shows the traffic and weather conditions on Highway 102, near the airport.

View Kelly Lake Highway Cam.


Halifax Armdale Rotary Cam

This camera is located in the Armdale Professional Center in Halifax. The background of the image shows Dingle Tower. Depending on the season, a clear view of blue skies or mounds of snow will be visible.

View Halifax Armdale Rotary Cam.