Adelaide Airport Webcam

Adelaide Airport (ADL) is located in West Beach, South Australia and is the primary airport serving the Adelaide area. It is positioned about 3.7 miles west of the West Beach city center and is operated privately by Adelaide Airport Limited.

A series of developments and improvements was approved and launched in 2011, including a number of new car parks, a new road network, and new control tower. The improvements (some of which have been completed) are intended to improve passenger handling, vehicle traffic flow, and steadily-increasing air traffic.

Adelaide Airport serviced 7,696,000 passengers in the 2014 fiscal year and is the fifth-busiest airport in Australia.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Adelaide Airport:

  1. The first Qantas A380 landed at ADL in 2008 as part of a pilot training and testing program. The landing attracted a crowd of several thousand spectators.
  2. In 2013, Adelaide Airport became the second airport in the world to incorporate Google Street View technology. This allows passengers to explore the arrival and departure sections of the airport via the internet.
  3. The first Adelaide airport was built in 1921 in Hendon, and allowed mail service between Adelaide and Sydney. It was developed into Parafield Airport in 1927 to meet growing aviation trends.
  4. By 1947, the air traffic demands became too great for Parafield Airport, and the current new site was selected for a replacement airport. Parafield was turned into a private and military aviation facility.
  5. A temporary international terminal was built at Adelaide Airport in 1982. The current terminal replaced both the original international and domestic terminals at a cost of $260 million.
  6. Over 40,000 passengers were stranded in Adelaide in 2011 during the eruption of the Puyehue volcano in Chile. The ash cloud from the eruption resulted in canceled flights nationwide.
  7. Thus far, Adelaide Airport has maintained an excellent safety record. The only incident on record is a near-miss, when a departing Malaysia Airlines jet nearly collided with an airborne Tiger Airways craft.


Adelaide Airport Terminal Cam

A view of Adelaide’s Terminal 1 in real time. This camera is looking north-east from Gate 26.

View Adelaide Airport Terminal Cam.


Google Street View – Adelaide Airport Terminal

By becoming the second airport in the world to feature Google Street View technology, Adelaide Airport has allowed you to take a virtual walk-through tour their terminal.

View Adelaide Airport Terminal.


Adelaide Town Hall Cam

This camera is mounted to the Adelaide Town Hall bell tower. It offers a great daytime or nighttime view down King William’s Street.

View Adelaide Town Hall Cam.


Adelaide Central Market

See the people of Adelaide shopping from this camera inside Adelaide Central Market. The market is open Tuesday to Saturday.

View Adelaide Central Market.


West Beach Surf Cam

Take a look at the waves and surf conditions from this seaside camera.

View West Beach Surf Cam.