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Canberra International Airport

Canberra International Airport (CBR) is the airport that serves Australia’s capital city, Canberra, as well as the surrounding region of New South Wales. CBR is located at the eastern edge of North Canberra and stands as the 8th busiest airport in Australia. It primarily serves flights to the capital cities of Australia and the Gold Coast.

Though not a decidedly busy airport by global standards, the site is also home to the Brindabella Business Park, a section of airport land that currently houses over a dozen office buildings. Aside from the proposed possibility of CBR becoming a freight hub, the airport is expected to see a decline in traffic as more effort is placed toward expansion in Melbourne and Sydney.

Although the Australian government has labeled CBR a “Designated International Airport,” there are currently no international flights scheduled to or from this airport. Occasionally, Canberra International does handle charter and ad hoc international flights.



Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Canberra International Airport:

  1. Canberra International handled 3,240,848 passengers in their 2011 fiscal year.
  2. CBR was built up around an airstrip that was laid in 1920, shortly after the location of the National Capital was decided.
  3. In 1939, the airport was taken over by the Royal Australian Air Force, who then leased out space for civilian use.
  4. The airport lease was then sold to Canberra International Airport Pty Ltd – the current operators of CBR – in 1998. The area in use by the RAAF was then leased back to the Department of Defence. CBR was decommissioned as an RAAF base in 2003.
  5. A retail district known as Majura Park has been established on airport land along Majura road.
  6. A 2008 marketing campaign advertised Canberra International as “Sydney’s second airport” in an attempt to increase their own traffic and reduce the growing strain on Sydney’s airport.
  7. Previous proposals to develop CBR as a freight hub have been rejected by the Australian government on grounds ranging from insufficient data and poor community consultation.
  8. An organization called Curfew 4 Canberra is also a barrier to this development. They oppose growth of the airport – including development into a freight hub – on the grounds that aircraft noise is disruptive to the surrounding population. They also propose a no-fly curfew from 11pm-6am.


Canberra International Airport Cam

View of the construction of the new terminal of the Canberra International Airport.

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