Guernsey Airport Webcam

Guernsey Airport (GCI) is the only airport on the island of Guernsey, located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. It’s the largest airport in the Bailiwick of Guernsey which includes the entire possession of the English Crown in right. GCI is located 2.9 miles west southwest of Saint Peter Port, the capital of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Guernsey Airport features a single runway (carrying the designation 09/27) and typically only services relatively small commercial jet aircraft, the largest being the 88-seat Embraer E175.

Primary service for this small airport carries passengers between Guernsey and London Gatwick, with many airlines stopping over at Jersey. GCI also services periodic charter flights to European holiday destinations.


Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Guernsey Airport:

  1. Guernsey Airport does service a small amount of cargo traffic. Atlantic Airlines operates a route from Bournemouth for carrying mail, while London Luton flies in newspapers and DHL packages.
  2. GCI serves as the base for a number of single and twin-engine light aircraft and business aircraft.
  3. Guernsey airport runs two environmental liaison groups to address issues such as chemical runoff and soil contamination. This is a particularly important issue, as the airport is located on the highest point on the island and spills could affect the entire population’s water supply.
  4. A newly-built terminal (made operational in 2004) allows the airport to handle up to 1.25 million passengers per year.
  5. In 2013, GCI handled over 886,000 passengers and nearly 50,000 aircraft movements.
  6. The airport was officially opened on May 5th, 1939. Regular air service did not begin until October 1946. By 1951, Jersey Airlines was flying routes to Southampton in Rapide eight-seat biplane airliners.
  7. The head office of Aurigny Air Services is located on airport property. GCI also once served as headquarters to the Channel Islands subsidiary of British United Airways.


Guernsey Airport Weather – West

A westward view of the skies surrounding the airport updates regularly to show the current weather conditions.

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Elizabeth College Webcam

View the Elizabeth College in Guernsey’s capital city, Saint Peter Port. The college was founded in 1563 under the orders of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Guernsey Marketplace Cam

These cameras show an open-air marketplace in Guernsey, allowing you to see the people enjoying an outdoor cafe from two angles.

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Victoria Marina Cam

Victoria Marina is located in Saint Peter Port. This cam shows the many visiting yachts and sailboats in mooring along the floating docks.

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Boatworks+ Guernsey Cam

Located in Saint Peter Port harbor, Boatworks+ is the island’s leading provider of marine services. This cam is placed along the seawall, near the only boatyard in the harbor. Seafarers can seek emergency boat repairs and general maintenance at this location.

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